Below are various resources on fair lending including redlining, rent-to-own housing transactions, vacant housing issues, foreclosures, and more!

FHCCI Resources: 

  • FHCCI Fact Sheet 12 – Fair Lending Frequently Asked Questions

HUD Guidance:

CFPB Guidance:

Other Lending Laws:

Redlining and Lending Discrimination:

Rent to Own/Land Trust/Land Contracts:

Learn more at our Rent to Own/Land Contract page.

Foreclosure Rescue and Other Mortgage Scams: 

Hardest Hit Funds (Indiana):

Vacant Housing:

Maintenance of REOs (Real Estate Owned Properties/Foreclosures):

If you feel that you may have been discriminated against in a lending situation due to your race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, or familial status, please contact the FHCCI. If you need assistance not related to discrimination regarding a loan modification, refinancing, or otherwise, please consider contacting a HUD certified housing counseling agency.

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Report a hate-based crime or incident that occurred in Indiana

The Indiana Alliance Against Hate wants to hear about hate-based crimes as well as hate-based incidents that have happened in Indiana. If you have experienced or witnessed such an incident, please visit the IAAH reporting hate form to let them know about it.