The Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI) is overseen by a Board of Directors that consists of up to 19 members. The Board of Directors typically meets every other month to set policy, review financials and the FHCCI’s programmatic work, and engage in other activities consistent with the mission of the organization. Directors serve three-year terms. Members of the Board of Directors receive no compensation for their services.

FHCCI Board of Directors

Thomas Crishon, President

Mandla Moyo, Vice President

Kortney Bond, Secretary

Chase Haller, Treasurer

Hiba Alalami

Evan Bever

Jerell Blakeley

Manon Bullock

Deborah McCarty

Dr. David Hoa Khoa Nguyen

Amber O’Haver

Fran Quigley

Heather Rodriguez

Emily Munson, Director Emeritus