About the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana

The Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI) is a private, nonprofit organization which was incorporated in August 2011 by a small group of community members interested in bringing a stronger fair housing presence to central Indiana.

History: The FHCCI was initially funded through a U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development grant awarded to the National Fair Housing Alliance to establish a fair housing agency in central Indiana. Following its founding, staff were recruited and hired and an office presence implemented. The FHCCI went to full staff in January 2012 and began taking inquiries from housing consumers. The FHCCI also received its IRS nonprofit status in January 2012.

Mission: The mission of the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI) is to ensure equal housing opportunities by eliminating housing discrimination through advocacy, enforcement, education, and outreach.

Vision: The Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI) recognizes the importance of “home” and envisions a country free of housing discrimination where every individual, group and community enjoys equal housing opportunity and access in a bias-free and open housing market. We envision a country where integrated neighborhoods are the norm, and private and public sectors guarantee civil rights in an open and barrier-free community committed to healing the history of discrimination in America.

FHCCI Leadership: The FHCCI is lead by a dedicated staff and Board of Directors working to advance its mission.

The FHCCI has two primary goals in its work to fight housing discrimination:

  1. educate the public on fair housing laws so people recognize and report problems and understand their responsibilities, and
  2. engage in enforcement activities to eliminate unlawful discriminatory practices.

The FHCCI fights housing discrimination not only because it is unlawful, but also because it is a divisive force that perpetuates poverty, segregation, ignorance, fear and hatred.

Programs: The FHCCI offers four main programs to fight housing discrimination and promote equal housing opportunity.

  • Advocacy: Works to assist persons who feel they may be victims of housing discrimination, in an advocacy basis, in understanding their rights and options under fair housing laws. We also conduct fair housing investigations, both client-based and systemic, to determine if unlawful discrimination may be occurring. We file enforcement actions as necessary to address uncovered housing discrimination.
  • Education: Provides education programs and activities to increase fair housing knowledge. We conduct trainings and conferences, distribute publications, support community events, issue e-newsletters, provide social media alerts and a website, release reports, and other activities to advance knowledge about fair housing laws. We work with consumers, the housing industry, and state and local policy makers to advance fair housing.
  • Inclusive Communities: Offers programs to assist persons, neighborhoods, and communities who have been impacted by unlawful discrimination, disinvestment, or unequal housing opportunity. We also participate in community events and support other organizations through volunteer participation by staff and board members.
  • Public Policy: Works to increase the awareness of policy-makers and regulators about the issues associated with fair housing. We work with local, state and federal legislators to ensure strong fair housing laws and policies. We also collaborate with fellow organizations to strengthen fair housing laws. Funding restrictions impact significantly the ability of the FHCCI to be involved on issues of public policy.

Service Area: The FHCCI primarily serves 24 counties in Central Indiana: Bartholomew, Boone, Brown, Clinton, Decatur, Delaware, Fayette, Franklin, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Henry, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Monroe, Morgan, Putnam, Randolph, Rush, Shelby, Tipton, Union, and Wayne. We are available to assist other counties in Indiana as staff resources and budgets allow. At this time, we are the only nonprofit fair housing organization in Indiana.

FHCCI Service Area

Awards: The Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana has been honored with the following awards for its work:

  • Central Indiana Realtist Association (CIRA) – Best of the Best Award (2015)
  • Indiana Consortium of State and Local Human Rights Agencies – President’s Award of Excellence (2017)
  • Muslim Alliance of Indiana – Honorable Judge David Shaheed Access to Justice Award (2017)
  • Central Indiana Realtist Association (CIRA) – Distinguished Advocacy & Industry Award (2021)
  • Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis – Lest We Forget Appreciation Award (2021)
  • Baptist Ministers Alliance – Dr. Mozel Sanders Drum Major for Justice Awards – Emancipation Proclamation Program for Outstanding Service in the Indianapolis Community (2021)
  • City of Indianapolis – Indianapolis Mayor’s Advisory Council on Disability – Access & Inclusion Awards – Accessibility Award 2022
  • Indianapolis Urban League – Community Impact Award 2022
  • Fair Housing Council of San Diego – 2023 Unsung Hero-Heroine Award
  • Central Indiana Realtist Association (CIRA) – 2023 Trailblazer Award
  • Douglass Little League – 2023 Team Sponsor Award