Public Policy Program

The Public Policy Program of the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana works to increase the awareness of policy-makers and regulators about the issues associated with fair housing. We work with local, state, and federal legislators to ensure strong fair housing laws and policies. We also collaborate with fellow organizations to strengthen fair housing laws. Funding restrictions impact significantly the ability of the FHCCI to be involved on issues of public policy.

The FHCCI has identified several Indiana “bad bills” that must be removed to better housing policies. At the bottom of this page are yearly FHCCI session summaries of legislation of interest for review.

2022 General Assembly: Below are some of the bills that the FHCCI is monitoring:

Other legislative information:

Bad Bills List
2021 Indiana General Assembly Summary
2020 Indiana General Assembly Summary
2019 Indiana General Assembly Summary
2018 Indiana General Assembly Summary

2017 Indiana General Assembly Summary
2016 Indiana General Assembly Summary
2015 Indiana General Assembly Summary
2014 Public Policy Summary
General Guidance

General Guidance: Nonprofits can lobby! In Indiana, nonprofits interested in providing testimony on specific legislation may need to register as a lobbyist with the Indiana Lobby Registration Commission. You should also review this excellent resource on nonprofit lobbying put together by our colleagues at Prosperity Indiana. Please speak out in the General Assembly on bills impacting your constituents or members and provide your valuable knowledge.