Staff of Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana

Amy Nelson, Executive Director

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Amy Nelson is the Executive Director of the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI) having joined the FHCCI in October 2011. The mission of the FHCCI is to ensure equal housing opportunities by eliminating housing discrimination through advocacy, enforcement, education and outreach. The FHCCI has a service area of 24 counties in Central Indiana reaching a population of over 2.5 million. The FHCCI works to prevent housing discrimination through its Advocacy, Education, Inclusive Communities, and Public Policy Programs. It conducts investigations to uncover violations of fair housing laws and files enforcement actions to stop identified discriminatory practices; offers a diverse array of education programs to build knowledge of fair housing laws, and works to strengthen fair housing policies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Amy believes that all people deserve safe, affordable, accessible housing that is free from discrimination. She has managed nonprofit fair housing organizations and programs since 1997 working previously at the Fair Housing of the Dakotas and Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia. She currently serves on the board of directors of the Central Indiana Realtist Association, the Indiana Coalition for Human Services, and Prosperity Indiana. 

Amy received a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business and Political Science from Minnesota State University-Moorhead of Moorhead, Minnesota and received her Master of Business Administration from Averett College of Danville, Virginia.

Erika Fotsch, Education & Outreach Coordinator

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Erika Fotsch joined the FHCCI staff in June of 2022 as the Education and Outreach Coordinator. She started her career as a mechanical engineer with a passion for computer science, wanting to solve the world’s problems. After working in corporate America for several years, she found that the problems she wanted to solve were not technological, but systemic and she decided to make the switch into the housing not-for-profit realm.

Her interest in housing started in college as part of a campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity, but when she moved to Indy to work full-time, she helped start the local Habitat Young Professionals chapter which opened her eyes to the realities of the housing crisis and led her to apply for this role with FHCCI to help spread the word on the barriers that exist in our communities to access safe, decent, and affordable housing. At the FHCCI, Erika is responsible for creation and management of the FHCCI’s education programs and various forms of outreach to spread the word of fair housing.

Johannah Frey, Investigations Coordinator

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Johannah Frey joined the FHCCI staff in May 2022 as the Investigations Coordinator. She started her career in home healthcare, with a passion for health and community. Johannah is a Licensed Social Worker and received her Bachelor of Social Work degree from Valparaiso University and her Master of Social Work degree from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Johannah believes that housing is healthcare, both for individuals, but also to the wellbeing of community. She believes that housing must be accessible to all. At the FHCCI, Johannah coordinates investigations and case development to uncover violations of fair housing laws and to assist victims of housing discrimination.

Bryan Hernandez, Test Coordinator

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Bryan Hernandez joined the FHCCI staff in November of 2022 as the Test Coordinator. At the FHCCI, Bryan manages the FHCCI’s testing program through recruitment of training of fair housing testers and coordination of fair housing tests. Fair housing testing is an important investigative tool for uncovering housing discrimination.

Bryan previously worked as a paralegal at a local law firm. He has a huge passion for anything community oriented and has volunteered for several area nonprofits including La Casa Amiga, Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana, Indy Pride, Stonewall Sports, and others. Bryan is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Noah Moenning, Intake & Office Coordinator

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Noah Moenning joined the FHCCI staff in May 2022 as the Intake and Office Coordinator. At the FHCCI, Noah is often the first voice for those seeking guidance or assistance with their housing questions or concerns. Noah’s passion for the nonprofit sector began at Indiana University-Bloomington, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs, specializing in Management and Criminal Justice. He previously interned for and volunteered at several nonprofit organizations including Indiana Legal Services, Inc. and United Way of Monroe County.

Noah also previously conducted academic research focused on homelessness that pushed him to explore the various facets of housing inequity and community development that began his career in this field. Noah hopes to continue to build on his community outreach focused skillset in this role to help make housing equitable, affordable, and fair for all. At the FHCCI, Noah responds to client and community based questions, providing guidance or referral as needed.

Hafsa Razi, Systemic Investigations Coordinator

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Hafsa Razi joined the FHCCI staff in July of 2022 as the Systemic Investigations Coordinator. At the FHCCI, she coordinates the FHCCI’s systemic investigations including working with fair housing testers and identifying victims of housing discrimination and discriminatory practices.

Hafsa received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy Studies from the University of Chicago, with a specialization in education policy. She previously worked at several nonprofit journalism organizations, with a focus on social justice and public accountability.  She also worked on research projects related to criminal justice and public health. She believes that every person deserves a safe, affordable place to live, and that equitable access to housing is key to the wellbeing and growth of individuals and communities.

Brady Ripperger, Deputy Director of Administration and Advocacy

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Brady Ripperger originally joined the FHCCI staff in December 2013 as the Office Manager. Before joining the FHCCI, he began to find his passion for nonprofit organizations through studying abroad in Sydney, Australia and graduating from Butler University in May 2013 with a B.S. in Arts Administration (Nonprofit Management – Arts). Brady interned for several arts nonprofits, and he enjoys being able to combine his graphic design skills and creativity to help promote fair housing in new and exciting ways.

Brady previously worked for the Pollination Project, a philanthropic foundation, to help give away a grant every day of the year to individuals that would use the money to its fullest to promote healthier lifestyles, human rights, arts and culture, green energy, animal rights, and the list goes on.

Brady was promoted at the FHCCI in October 2015 from Office Manager to the position of Fair Housing Projects Coordinator. In December 2019, he was promoted to Director of Fair Housing Programs. Most recently, in August 2021, Brady was promoted to Deputy Director of Administration and Advocacy. He works in a variety of areas, including housing discrimination investigation/case development, organization administration, and assisting in education and outreach through working with local artists for partnerships, conducting fair housing training, using graphic design to create different marketing materials, annual conference planning, among other activities.

Will Sanford, Director of Fair Housing Data & Analytics

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Will Sanford joined the FHCCI staff in July 2021 as the Director of Fair Housing Data and Analytics. He started his career as a Housing Policy and Research Analyst with HOME of Virginia in 2008, managing several projects that sought to understand the impacts of subprime mortgage lending and foreclosures on low-income neighborhoods across Virginia.

After relocating to Nashville, TN in 2011, he worked as an analytics manager for a national healthcare company in various roles focusing on revenue management, demand planning, and marketing analytics. He also collaborated with IT and data management teams on various data integration and technology enhancement initiatives. In 2017, he joined STR as a research analyst, supporting the launch of new products in self-storage and short-term rental sectors, as well as supporting the company in several GIS and spatial analysis related projects.

After more than a decade, Will made his way back to fair housing and is supporting the FHCCI on building out its data management, governance, and analytics capacity to advance a deeper understanding of fair housing trends and to uncover violations of fair housing law.