The Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana offers the following programs to fight housing discrimination and promote equal housing opportunity:

The Advocacy Program of the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana works to assist persons who feel they may be victims of housing discrimination, in an advocacy basis, in understanding their rights and options under fair housing laws. We also conduct fair housing investigations, both client-based and systemic, to determine if unlawful discrimination may be occurring. We file enforcement actions as necessary to address uncovered housing discrimination.

The Education Program of the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana provides education programs and activities to increase fair housing knowledge. We conduct trainings and conferences, distribute publications, support community events, issue e-newsletters, provide social media alerts and a website, release reports, and other activities to advance knowledge about fair housing laws. We work with consumers, the housing industry, and state and local policy makers to advance fair housing.

The Inclusive Communities Program of the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana offers programs to assist persons, neighborhoods, and communities who have been impacted by unlawful discrimination, disinvestment, or unequal housing opportunity.

The Public Policy Program of the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana works to increase the awareness of policy-makers and regulators about the issues associated with fair housing. We work with local, state and federal legislators to ensure strong fair housing laws and policies. We also collaborate with fellow organizations to strengthen fair housing laws.

To learn more about these programs, please click on the links above.

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