Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

As part of the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana’s Education Program, we create and distribute Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to assist in educating the public about fair housing rights and responsibilities. Below is a collection of these PSAs which can be downloaded and distributed.

General PSAs

FINAL FINAL HUD  NFHA HUD 2011-2012 NFHA HUD 2011-2012  FINAL FINAL HUD   NFHA HUD 2011-2012 NFHA HUD 2011-2012  NFHA Diversity is Working  NFHA Life in Color  NFHA Life is Team Sport  NFHA Disparate Impact 2 NFHA Disparate Impact 3  FHCCI Leaderboard MLK Day Cover Photo without some text FHW #16 Link PSA Kochi Real Estate Kochi zip code Gene 2      

Advertising PSAs


Affordable Housing PSAs

Criminal History PSAs

Disability PSAs

NFHA0603 #5  FHCCI Veteran Banner  HUD Dis Light Switch PSA  Veteran Disability PSA HUD Vet Dis PTSD PSA Winter PSA ADA25 PSA   Disability Month PSA  Disability Month SPANISH PSA  General Disability FB Cover Photo FHW #10 Luna Disability FactFHW #10 Luna Disability Fact SpanishFHW #20 Marley Emotional Support Animals FHW #21 Marley D&C   

Familial Status PSAs

NFHA0603 #5 FHW #8 Eli Fact Alice 2

Gender PSAs

FHCCI_Sex Harass Womens History Month Cover Photo FHW #15 Luna Sexual Harassment - EnglishFHW #15 Luna Sexual Harassment - Spanish   

Hate Crime PSAs


Insurance PSAs


Lending PSAs



Pride Month PSA gray  Pride Month PSA Spanish  SO and GI Protection 12047042_957811934256865_4868820697137126861_nFHW #17 Link LGBT Study Gene 1 

National Origin PSAs

FHCCI_soundsmex5a  HUD Spanish PSA-Steering FHW #14 Luna National Origin English FHW #14 Luna National Origin Spanish  Hispanic Heritage Month  Hispanic Heritage Month English PSA Alice 1  

Race PSAs

Black History Month PSA Black History Month Cover Photo   FHW #12 Fred AA  

Religion PSAs


Watchdog PSAs

FHW #2 Eli Intro12047042_957811934256865_4868820697137126861_nFHW #8 Eli Fact FHW ThanksgivingFHW #5 National Dog Day FHW #4 Luna Intro FHW #7 Luna Fact FHW #10 Luna Disability Fact FHW #14 Luna National Origin English FHW #14 Luna National Origin SpanishFHW #10 Luna Disability Fact Spanish  FHW #15 Luna Sexual Harassment - English FHW #15 Luna Sexual Harassment - Spanish  FHW #3 Fred IntroFHW #12 Fred AA FHW #13 Link IntroFHW #16 Link PSA FHW #17 Link LGBT Study Eva February Cover Photo FHW #18 Eva Cross burning FHW #19 Eva GeneralMarley March Cover PhotoFHW #20 Marley Emotional Support Animals FHW #21 Marley D&C

12717977_1051640501540674_1970409469916866396_n12472301_1051649911539733_3401499947452592702_n Kochi Real Estate Kochi zip code Gene coverGene 1 Gene 2Alice cover Alice 1 Alice 2  clay cover